Purpose and Purposefulness

You want to discover, develop or refine your Purpose and Purposefulness to transform your performance, your life or contribution to your wider world.

You have two easy choices of:


I am privileged to be a founding supporter of a global collective of extraordinary talented people. It’s called the Dublin Conversations. We have co-created and co-produced profound new thinking and the largest collection of freely-available Tools for transforming how you think and do in the communications and creative industries.

The Tools will generate instant results. They provide the necessary framework of support with valuable insights, processes and tips to kickstart the change you want to see for finding your purpose and being more purposeful. The Tools include:

A. Creating your own Personal Purpose Manifesto
B. Purpose Pyramid for identifying your Character and Purpose.

The Purpose Pyramid features seven supporting tools to identify and realise your:

  1. Persona
  2. Beliefs
  3. Values
  4. Purposes
  5. Collaborative Quotient
  6. Strategic Narratives
  7. Prime Purposefulness 
C. Being Purposeful 24:7

Tools to help you live and deliver purposefulness each, and every day featuring:

  1. Purposeful Conversations
  2. Purpose Plan
  3. Virtuous Circles
  4. Purposeful Leadership
  5. Collaboration
  6. Bigger Media Citizens
  7. Bigger Citizen for Tolerance

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I can help you. I instantly add value through every conversation or meet. I can be your project partner, guide, mentor, workshop facilitator, partner, or strategist to co-create and co-produce a better way ahead.

I rapidly discover potential profound insights, outstanding creative responses and ideas to create compelling narratives, stories and action plans. Working together, I share processes, skills and experiences to grow you or your team’s capabilities and confidence.

The best starting point is an informal chat – maybe over an online coffee.

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