A downloadable pdf of over 20 training courses is available here:latest training courses 2011

Andy can offer a range of training courses, as well as bespoke programmes for clients.

Less is More– is currently Andy’s most popular course. It is designed to help anyone facing budget cuts, changes in their work, to become more resourceful and adaptable to their new environment thjrough improving btheir flexible and creative thinking skills.

Available in 2 hour/Half day/Full day/2 and 3 day formats. It incorporates delegates working on live problems so combining crucial skills and personal development with creating valuable new content for their workplace problems and challenges.

Your #1 Big Problem – gets the best experts on your problems – your team – to address your #1 Big Problem by using a range of flexible and creative thinking tools.

Improve your Creativity – offers an intensive, yet fun sessions to transform your people’s creative and flexible thinking skills.

Persuasion Judo – are you creating ‘noise’ rather than creating and communicating messages which create real change? Find out how to transform how you engage with the world and can get the world to have your way.

Personal Brandcasting– great communicators come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, all do 4 key things. While there is a lot of material out there on how we are all individual brands, this session shows how to make your brand communicate to create tidal waves of change.

Check out Andy’s talks programme – which are all offered as training course options.