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Business & Management
*Achieve more with less – through Flexible Thinking You can transform your flexible thinking – the key to achieving more with less, spotting more opportunities, and creating GREAT new ideas *How to be a green shoot in the Upturn All of us are potential green shoots in the economic upturn. What you can do to transform your situation Overcoming Stupidity and Bureaucracy The world is getting more stupid: bureaucratic thinking is flourishing. How flexible, creative thinking is the nemesis of stupidity
Happiness at work Creatively boosting your workplace HQ – Happiness Quotient – by creating your own managers’ toolkit Creative Customer service How to creatively transform how you manage customer service Your #1 Big Problem Getting the biggest experts on your problems – your team – to devise new creative solutions
*Creative Leadership How leaders can harness creativity to transform their lives, organizations and the world at large   *You are never more than 12ft from an opportunity How to boost your opportunity spotting radar to transform your situation Make the most of your creativity How to unleash the potential brilliance of you and your teams  
Transform your brainstorms/7 Ways to improve your creativity How to avoid Blamestorming and make your creativity sessions work Creativity in a Crisis How a crisis can be the best opportunity to transform your brand reputation How to use the London Underground map as a tool for creating great new ideas How to improve your creative journey through life to create great new ideas
Brand communications – how to make your ideas spread

*Personal Brandcasting

What do all great people have in common? They are all great ‘Personal Brandcasters’. Find out how you can harness your personal brand to create tidal waves of change  

*Persuasion judo: How to create messages which create real change How to avoid creating noise and transform your world through your communications The Age of the Brand Taliban How to manage your Brand Talibans – and find out how you are unintentionally holding back your Brand Evangelists
Meme judo Discover how you can transform your messages to create tidal waves of change. Learn the art of stickiness.   Spin is Innocent. OK! A controversial plea to communicators to get real, avoid denial about issues of ‘Spin’ and ‘Propaganda’ – so we can create better consumers of media.   Personality profiling – reading minds to target your communications How to understand different people’s thinking and creativity styles to improve how you communicate, persuade, and work together.

The British Brand

Created in response to the 7/7 bombings: how we can create a new British brand for the good of our society

The Welsh Brand (The Scottish Brand – also available) Wales: is it a brand? Should it go into British denial?Scotland: is it a brand? Should it go into British denial? Why Science doesn’t get the reputation it deserves How can we overcome scientific illiteracy?
New School PR: Is it the end of the world as we know it? Just what is happening? And where won’t it end?  

Available in conference presentation or workshop, training course in 1 hour/½ day/full day formats.  Bespoke talks available on request.