2 day creativity clinic drive across South West with 4 talks & Pop-Up events






I am hitting the road covering more than 600 miles in 3 days to promote the cause of creativity and innovation in the South West of England.

I will be aiming to inspire local businesses in the South West region to be more creative and innovative with a series of Creativity Clinic Roadshow events in Truro, Exeter, Gloucester and Bristol along with ‘Pop-Up’ events en route – where companies can request a special creativity session at their workplace via Twitter – over two days on Wednesday April 2nd and Thursday April 3rd.

I will be touring in the ‘World’s Smallest Conference Centre’ – a 2 seater Smart car – and sharing a free ‘Innovation & Creativity Tool Kit’ to improve creative thinking skills.

Anyone interested in a Pop-Up event for 4 or more people at their workplace – for either a creativity talk or Creativity Clinic – just need to book via Twitter at @CIPR_SW

The tour is organised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) South-West Group as part of a bid to improve competitiveness in the region by improving creative thinking skills.

The SW Creativity Clinic Roadshow will provide the opportunity for anyone to bring along their own workplace problems and challenges to find new ideas, insights and inspirations.

The tour itinerary includes:
Wednesday April 2: 7.45-9.30am Truro – Truro City Council, Municipal Buildings, Boscawen St, Truro TR1 2NE
10am-4pm Pop-Up events anywhere between Plymouth and Torquay
5.45pm-8pm Exeter – St Olaves Hotel, 18-22 Mary Arches St, Exeter, Devon EX4 3AZ
Thursday April 3: 7.45am-9am Gloucester – EDF Energy, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3RS

10am-4pm Pop-Up events anywhere in the Swindon area

5.30pm-8pm Bristol – Racks Bar, St Paul’s Rd, Bristol, Avon BS8 1LX

I  will show how to use some of the 57 plus tools in the Toolkit to help anyone devise new strategies to get the best out of you and your team, creative writing tips or solutions to your next challenge.

Most businesses are going through a revolution. Managers need to re-engineer themselves to a rapidly changing world. There’s more competition and we all need to achieve more with less. Thankfully, help is at hand with our ‘Innovation & Creativity Toolkit’ and the SW Creativity Clinic Tour
You’ll come away with improved thinking skills along with great new ideas, insights and inspirations on ay work or life challenges. Plus, you will receive a free copy of the ‘CIPR Innovation and Creativity Toolkit’ to help you 24 7 with any challenge you face.

Tickets for the events at Truro, Exeter, Gloucester, Bristol are just £10 plus VAT for CIPR members and £15 plus VAT for non-CIPR members. and £25 for anyone wanting a Pop-Up event at their workplace. Further details and book tickets for the Truro, Exeter, Gloucester and Bristol events book here

I have enabled the CIPR to pioneer creativity training. My book ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ was a world first on the subject and I also helped the CIPR to also lead the way in being the first in its sector to provide training courses on creative thinking skills.

The ‘CIPR Innovation and Creativity Toolkit’ provides a comprehensive set of tools to help anyone in business be more creative and innovative.

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