Twixtmas Day 4

5 things to do on this Twixtmas day:

1.Support life: Plant something or save an insect
◦Be kind to an animal
◦Have a new plant in the home
◦Plant a tree
◦Plant you Christmas tree (buy one with roots)
◦Go and hug a tree
◦Sponsor a tree somewhere:

2.Pick up a piece of litter
◦Don’t create litter: reuse your plastic bags
◦Have a look in your rubbish bin… how can you reduce your waste? Recycle? Composting? Buy things with less packaging?
◦Give stuff you are not using to your charity shop or to JumbleAID

3.Turn the heating down
◦Turn off your appliances at the wall (don’t use standby)
◦Unplug your mobile charger
◦Do baked potatoes for dinner to warm up the kitchen… then have 5 friends over and tell them about Twixtmas

4.Identify a habit to change to lessen your environmental impact
◦Eat less meat
◦Use the car less
◦Consume less: can you go one week without buying something non-essential?

5. Support an environmental campaign

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