Tubespiration! – The Movie

Enjoy our new film Tubespiration! – the Movie.

It shows the Tubespiration! process in action and how each of can transform what is typically seen as the downtime in your daily schedule – your commute to and from work – into a creative journey.

The film features the President-elect of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Stephen Waddington (Wadds) embarking on a Tubespiration! Tour from his regular Tube stop of Liverpool Street Station to just one stop down the line at Aldgate.

In the 2 minute journey – which wasn’t especially chosen, it just happened to be Wadds’ local station (we use your local station or journey to emphasise the universality and ‘ordinariness’ of how Tubespiration! can transform any trip) – we discover links to remarkable stories of how 10,000 Jewish children were rescued from the Holocaust, and how an ordinary Transport for London employee ignored his bosses and created a remarkable, emotionally moving, shrine to the victims of the 7/7 bombings.

During Wadds’ journey we also identified several hundred different prompts and stimuli to develop his thinking, redefine his questions, and take his thoughts into different directions. (Including a connection to a Sherlock Holmes’ novel – such is the fascinating wealth of the London Underground  back story.)

Please do enjoy the short film, share and tell your friends – and why not book your own Tubespiration! experience for you and your team.

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