Communications Directors’ Forum – I’ll be all at sea

I’m literally going to be all at sea over the next few days speaking at the Communications Directors’ Forum, sailing on the Aurora in the English Channel.

I’ll be speaking to leading heads of Comms, PR and Marketing and revisiting one of my most cherished talks ‘Overcoming Stupidity in the World Around You’.

It uses insights, lessons and guidance from my book ‘Overcoming Stupidity’.

I’ll be sharing how to use creative, flexible thinking as the nemesis of stupidity and providing useful tools and processes for dealing with the bureaucrats in your life.

I will also demonstrate that there are five levels of stupidity and how each and every one of us is guilty of doing stupidity: the challenge is how to manage it and minimize it spreading.

Among the keynote speakers are former Minister Michael Portillo and cricket legend Phil Tufnell

More details here

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