Freshtival – the future of communications

Looking forward to sharing some of my latest thinking on the future of public relations and communications at Freshtival in Manchester.

I will be alongside a number of the PR and communications leading thinkers and doers

It will be an opportunity to reveal some of the insights and ideas contained within my forthcoming new ebook, ‘Redefine PR – or die?’ co-authored with industry luminaries Stephen Waddington (the CIPR President-elect) and Philip Sheldrake.

The ebook is Vol.1 of a proposed series which aims to kick-start new thinking and approaches to as what it says in its title ‘Redefine PR’.

The ‘…or die?’ part of the title might appear melodramatic, but hopefully points to the profound significance of the project: in the face of revolutionary times, if the PR profession doesn’t identify and embrace new supporting theories and a theoretical base to its work, there is a danger at the very least it will fall behind in the food chain of communications.

I will be sharing for the first time my proposed redefinition and new opportunities for public relations professionals if they are prepared to adapt to change.
Fresh 2013 is much more than an Awards Ceremony. It’s a three day celebration of creativity and innovation across all of the Fresh genres: Advertising, Design, Broadcast, Media, Digital, Public Relations and Communications.
Freshtival runs from Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th September. It features first class industry speakers, workshops, interactive events, hangover breakfasts, displays of work, exhibitions, film screenings and shop window displays
So, Manchester was home to various revolutionaries from Richard Cobden, Christabel Pankhurst, Alan Turing through to the Smiths.

I hope I will do enough to kick-start our very own revolutions in public relations and communications – you heard it here first!

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