PR Creatives also need to lead way for NPD in PR

Here’s a copy of my letter published by PR Week August 16th

Your review (PR Week August 2nd) of the role of the Creativity Director in PR agencies rightly highlights the consensus of how they need to be a champion of the cause for creativity rather than the sole repository of.

A good Creative Director should be both the totem and trampoline for creativity within an agency or in-house department.

What your review did not emphasise is the changing environment and the emergence of what I call ‘Creativity 2.0’ – of managing the creative dimension within an increasingly complex and chaotic environment.

Here, the role for the Creativity Director is to be both a champion for the cause as well as taking the lead in guiding public relations practice further up the strategy food chain and into new areas of activity, while also harnessing an explosion of tactical tools and channels.

Perhaps, the job title will morph into ‘Head of Paradox’ as PR potentially could seize new opportunities, particularly with the convergence of communications’ roles where there is a profound need for compelling and authentic Brand Characterization and Brand Story-telling – and do so with less time and resource – hence the paradox.

Today, the balance is now tipped in favour of a dedicated creativity champion – or director. The real creative question is how we engage with tomorrow’s challenges.

Andy Green

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