Happy birthday to Leos everywhere

It’s my birthday today – which brought back memories of the delightful Leo lunches organised by the much missed Doug Smith, where I once was guest speaker.
Apparently, Doug observed a correlation between outstanding success in PR – and being born under the Leo star sign.
It seems if you want to get ahead in PR being born a Leo can help.

This is perfectly understandable if you examine the qualities ascribed to Leos:
Bold, Brave, Royal, Compassionate, Sensitive, and being a Leo, I could go on.

Is there a link between being a leader in PR and being a Leo? What are the qualities that mark us out? Do any of the other star signs have any qualities worth noting?

To Leos everywhere – happy birthday whatever day it falls under the sign.

And may you go on being fearles, bold – and yes, every so often screwed, but bounce back!

PS I share a birhday with Kate Bush, Daley Thompson, Emily Bronte, Henry Ford, Buddy Guy, Frances de la Tour and the other Andy Green – the world land speed record holder.

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