Tubespiration! Tours – Thinking Thursdays during May

Just waved my lovely youngest daughter off on her trip to Australia for a year – or more.

As a parent it makes you realise the immense challenge of living by your values – and not letting your selfishness get in the way of your child’s adventures. As Sting once wrote, ‘If you love someone set them free’.

I’m continuing with my expeditions of a different kind – ‘Thinking Thursdays’ on the London Underground – with some help from the good guys at the Public Relations Consultants Association – who are helping spread the word.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could take your team, or your client, on a lunchtime creative expedition?

Where from your doorstep you could go on a 60 minute journey to inspire new thoughts, insights or ideas – and also discover things you didn’t know about one of the world’s greatest cities – as well as being a fun thing to do.

And you’ll also be helping a charity campaign in the bargain.

Here’s a great chance to learn new creative thinking and problem solving skills.

‘Thinking Thursdays’ is a new campaign, supported by the Public Relations Consultants Association, where on consecutive Thursday lunchtimes during May – on May 16th, 23rd and 30th – 60 minute-long conducted ‘creative thinking tours’ are being conducted on the London Underground. Yes, the London Underground.

Starting from your nearest central London Tube station, ‘Tubespiration’ expeditions for groups of up to 5 people are being led by myself.

You’ll receive your own Tubespiration Expedition pack – a  map pouch containing the new book ‘Tubespiration – how to get your next brilliant idea by using the London Underground as a creativity tool’, as well as mini-clipboard and IdeaCatcher sheets to capture your new ideas, insights and inspirations.

You will be able to use the tour to work on your live problems or challenges as well as pick up some great guidance, tips and techniques from using ‘Tubespiration’.

All profits from Thinking Thursdays are going to mental health charity ReThink Mental Illness.

The 60 minute tours are great training, team-building or entertainment opportunities and tours cost a minimum donation of £75 for up to five places. Cost excludes Tube ticket.

Places are limited and we have the following Tours available:

Thursday May 16  12 noon and 1.30pm
Thursday May 23  12 noon and 1.30pm
Thursday May 30  12 noon and 1.30pm

To book your Tour contact:


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