Big Brand Theory – don’t miss the boat

There’s a growing demand for PR practitioners to deliver Big Story Ideas – that work across multi-channels and create messages that engage more deeply, to create real passion and change.
PR people have always been good at telling news , but now they need to do more: they need to tell stories – not works of fiction – but narratives that engage to create real change.
With the massive growth of social media and content marketing, you need to tell your story better and more effectively. The latest research from psychology and neuroscience demonstrate that people take on board new information better, more easily, if it is in a story format.
As communicators you need to create stories that achieve impact but also trigger change: the more compelling your story the powerful the potential for changing awareness, responses, and behaviour – and crucially getting talked about.
PR people have been telling and writing stories for years – but for the most part they have been churning out ‘immediate news stories’.
Now, in 2013, you need to deliver more: Brand + Brand Stories + news = outstanding results.
The skill in writing Brand Stories needs to be significantly developed within the PR industry. It is a challenge that few in PR are trained to do. PR professionals are in danger of losing out in new opportunities in Content Marketing, or find themselves delivering communciations that whimper rather than a roar.
The best brand storytellers discover how use to engage, and connect emotionally with their targets to craft compelling brand stories.
Every enduring story is based on a transcendent idea that’s bigger than the story itself. There are some great techniques for unearthing the touchstone to your mission, the ‘Big Story Idea’ at the heart of your next outstanding communication. It is what can make your message irresistible.
Brand Story-telling is at the heart of how people share ideas and build relationships. Most PR has traditionally focussed on the ‘What’ and sometimes ‘How’ of what you do. Brand and Brand Storytelling brings to life the ‘Why’ in why you do what you do.
All communications – even that last Tweet – have a core idea that, if properly crafted, can bring purpose to why you are telling the story in the first place.
Big Brand Theory and Brand storytelling is about connecting what you offer on the outside to the inner values of your target. Create a deep affinity between the two and you achieve results. Your next ‘Big Story Idea’ can change your world.
To take full advantage of these opportunities practitioners need to know:
• What is a ‘Brand story’
• The skeleton of what makes up a Brand Story
• The 7 key structures to develop and shape your Brand Story
• Understand the DNA of your Brand and Brand Story
• How to use tools to develop your Brand and Brand Story
• What makes up the ‘Brand Story triangle’
• How to make your Brand and Brand Story ‘sticky’
• How to create, build and use your Brand and Brand Story

By learning these skills you will be able to go beyond being just a communicator of news and be able to tell powerful brand stories to transform the impact of your communications.
Make it happen. Change your life now.
The Big Brand Theory is now being offered as a one day training course by the Public relations Consultants Association in London on Thursday March 28.
Further details here:

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