Tubespiration! Transforms your next Tube trip into inspiring journey

Tubespiration! book cover

Turn your next mundane Tube trip into an inspirational journey is the aim of ‘Tubespiration’, a new guide showing how to get your next brilliant idea by using the London Underground as a creativity tool.

Written by leading creative thinking expert and Londoner Andy Green, it contains over 150 different tools or creative prompts using the story and experiences of the Underground to help you get new ideas or solutions for anything, from the petty to the profound during your travels.

The book will be formally launched during World Creativity Week April 15th -21st.

It celebrates both the first and the next 150 years of the London Underground and the 80th anniversary of the publication of Harry Beck’s iconic Tube map design.

It is designed to enable people to take advantage of the down-time in their daily schedule, and preserve a precious opportunity for thinking – instead of being absorbed by computers or listening to headphones.

Produced by the Flexible Thinking Forum, a not-for-profit social enterprise which works to improve creative thinking skills in the community, the new book is available here

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