Do some pyjama philanthropy during the Twixtmas break

Do some ‘pyjama philanthropy’ and help change the world with the minimum of effort is the call during the Twixtmas break – between Christmas and New Year – to help worthwhile causes without leaving home.

Good deeds ranging from saving the rain forest to fighting cancer can all be done without getting out of your pyjamas – thanks to online technology and guidance from – the leading micro volunteering charity web site.

It provides free information on mini-volunteering opportunities that cost nothing, and are easy to do in seconds or minutes.

Aiming to take advantage of the Twixtmas break, where people often complain of being bored or not having enough to do, cyberspace Samaritans are being sought to do just five good things to make their world a better place on the five days between the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Ideas, inspiration and instigation – things to get you started – are all available from the award-winning Help From Home and web sites.

Typical easy to do, no cost ideas include feeding a starving person for free with a simple click of the mouse, installing free software to help fight cancer with your pc, as well as saving the rainforests just by using a search engine, as well as a host of ideas for the Twixtmas period to get in touch with old friends, or plan to make the most of your year ahead.

The not-for-profit ventures are helping to transform what was often seen as a dull, uninteresting period into what is called ‘an unholiday’ – a chance to do something different while making the world a better place.

Help From Home features over 500 opportunities on its website where a person does not even have to leave their house to do a good deed.

Mike Bright got the idea for HelpfromHome after he realised there were plenty of charity and volunteer opportunities out there, but were scattered all over the web and not included on any volunteer portal sites.
“People complain about not having enough time, and yet this is the season for goodwill, so combining the opportunities of making it easy for people to micro volunteer and take advantage of the time available during Twixtmas seemed a great partnership.” said Mike Bright founder of Help From Home.

Commenting on the seasonal opportunities during the festive season Twixtmas campaigner Andy Green said: “You can create a better world by doing just five good things during the five days of Twixtmas – even in your pyjamas!”

The web site offers the chance to send a Twixtmas e mail greeting, has a downloadable pledge form to list your five good deeds, along with ideas and advice from leading experts.

Anyone wanting to do good this Twixtmas can visit either or



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