Could you do a five day ‘Better Death’ programme during Twixtmas?

Over 500,000 people in the UK will die during 2013. It is a sad fact. Yet, could you use the Twixtmas break – the five days between the Christmas and New Year holidays – to be better prepared for the inevitable, reduce emotional stress for your loved ones, and also ensure your final wishes are met?

The Dying Matters Coalition aims to help transform public attitudes towards dying, death and bereavement in England. Check out their web site at

In a time poor age, where people use the excuse of not having enough time to do things for themselves or others, the Twixtmas break could be an ideal time to help you and your loved ones to face up to something we all want to avoid.

Many of us have specific wishes about how we would like to die, or how long we want doctors to try to keep us alive, or what we would like to happen after our death.
There may be important matters you want to address now rather than when time is short. Sorting out a will, or signing up for organ donation can be done discretely by yourself. Important issues, such as how you’d like to be cared for, you do need to sttart talking to family or loved ones about your wishes.
Less than a third of people have discussed their wishes around dying and only 4% have written advance care plans. Around 70% of people would prefer to die at home, yet around 60% die in hospitals.
The ‘5 day be better prepared for dying’ programme supports the wider non-commercial Twixtmas campaign which is launching a ‘University of Twixtmas’ – encouraging everyone to do and learn 5 new things to make the world a better place. Further details at
Here is your five day programme to be better prepared for that fateful day.

Day 1 – Make a will

Day 2 – Record your funeral wishes

Day 3 –  Plan your future care and support

Day 4 – Register as an organ donor

Day 5 – Tell your loved ones your wishes

The Dying Matters Coalition is led by the National Council for Palliative Care, and has 28,000 members including charities, care homes, hospices, GPs, funeral directors and legal and financial organisations.

“By following these five tips for each day of the Twixtmas break you can be a better prepared for he inevitable to ensure your wishes are met and you loo after your loved ones.” said a spokesman for the Twixtmas campaign.

The ‘University of Twixtmas’ is a new initiative launched by the Twixtmas campign which aims to encourage everyone to do 5 socially good things during the 5 days of Twixtmas between Christmas and New Year holidays.

Can you create 5 easy things to do to help your cause when, in a time poor age, people have lots of free time? Visit


For further details please contact Andy Green on behalf of Twixtmas on 07815 884 525 or e mail

Your Five Day ‘Better Death’ programme for the five days of Twixtmas
Day 1 – Make a will
• Make a will, get legal advice if necessary
• Think about the costs, consider insurance, a funeral plan
• If you need financial help to support you and your family with care costs, transport
• Plan for the care of dependents
Day 2 – Record your funeral wishes
• What do you want, burial, cremation, green funeral, or other type?
• What service, memorial service, wake, celebration of your life do you want?
• What songs, messages, themes do you want?
• Who do you want to attend?

Day 3 –  Plan your future care and support
• The type of care you would like towards the end of your life?
• Where you would like to die?
• Whether you have any particular worries you would like to discuss about being ill and dying?
• how long we want doctors to try to keep you alive?

Day 4 – Register as an organ donor
If you want to donate any organs to save other lives or leave your brain or body to medical research, e.g. to help with dementia ,write it down and tell your family

Day 5 – Tell your loved ones your wishes
• What would you like people to know before you die?
• Are there messages, memory boxes, videos for loved ones you want to leave?

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