Are you still just letting your word of mouth happen?

Pass the word on – you can manage your word of mouth – and there is a rare chance to show off to your friends and get some cutting edge training with the offer of a unique ‘Big
Mouth’ T-shirt for delegates attending the ‘word-of-mouth and viral
communications’ half-day training course at the Chartered Institute of Public
Relations (CIPR) offices in London on Wednesday 28 March.

The tongue-in-cheek offer, with the promotional message ‘Big Mouth – I went on the word-of-mouth training course at the CIPR and got more than this lousy T-shirt’, celebrates
the pioneering training session on one of the most powerful forms of communication.

The course offers 101 tips on how you can manage your word-of-mouth, harness and cook what are called ‘memes’, and get viral communications working for you – online and offline, enabling practitioners to become the equivalent of ‘Word-of-Mouth Directors’
for their organisations.

The course has been devised and will be delivered by Andy Green FCIPR. His book ‘Effective Personal Communication Skills for PR’, part of the Institute’s Public Relations in
Practice series, was one of the first public relations texts to cover word-of-mouth and ‘memes’.

Sharing examples from the work of Edward Bernays to the latest cutting edge campaigns, you will go away telling your friends how you can manage your word-of-mouth, how to create positive messages about you, what you do and what you stand for.

Commenting Andy Green FCIPR, said: Most people who work in public
relations regard word-of-mouth as something that just happens, a force beyond
their control – that’s wrong. Why is it that some ideas can spread like
wildfire, while others languish, are ignored and overlooked? Word-of-mouth is
regarded as the most potent marketing communications tool: if others recommend
you, it’s the best positive message you can enjoy and you have the equivalent
of an unpaid army of sales people working for you.

The training course will teach how you can unleash a tidal wave of communications
and includes:

• how to manage your word-of-mouth

• tools to measure your word-of-mouth

• how to create, cook and harness potent word-of-mouth campaigns

• how to make your message ‘sticky’ and memorable

• what to do in response to a negative word-of-mouth

• how to manage conspiracy theories

• how to create, build and use networks.

Places on the course are limited. To book your place, visit the course page on the CIPR
website or ring 020 7631 6900. Don’t forget to mention your T-shirt size.


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