April 1st is Stupid Aid Day

The world is getting more stupid.

And there is now something you can do about it on ‘Stupid Aid Day’- appropriately on Sunday April 1st-.

This is a chance for everyone to fight back against ‘the Computer says No’ moments and other examples of stupidity in the world by submitting your examples of stupid thinking at a special campaign web site, www.flexiblethinkingforum.org.uk

Stupidity is not about low intelligence. We all know clever people who do stupid things. Stupidity is caused by inflexible thinking without asking questions.

The modern world is believed to be creating more stupidity as a result of:
Greater complexity around us
Faster pace of life, development and communications
Negative word-of-mouth traveling faster than positive, so urban myths are created for example around the risk of being sued, being politically incorrect or facing physical threat.
Lower cost of logical technology making it easier to introduce inflexible systems
Inherent laziness of people’s thinking, preferring to opt for superficially attractive, easy, quick -thinking

Ultimately, we are all capable of stupidity. Each day, everyone can experience the ‘’Doh’
factor’, when we recognize we have done something stupid.

The campaign has created its own stupid thinking rating scale – with different types of stupid thinking rated between 1 star and 6 star.

1 star Stupid thinking which is a one-off mistake, based on inaccurate, unbalanced or insufficent information that is rectified when discovered.
2 star Stupid thinking based on failing to recognise wider community or partnership interests.
3 star Stupid thinking based on failing to recognise
longer-term needs.
4 star Applying 1, 2 or 3 star stupid thinking in new
areas of activity – ‘compound stupidity’
5 star Repeatedly making the same 1,2,3, or 4 star
6 star A newly created grade for the public relations industry, where a message is put out believing that the public are gullible or stupid enough to believe it.


Most of us are guilty each day of ‘1 star stupidity’ – making wrong decisions based on inadequate information. 5 star stupidity is where you knowingly repeat an earlier stupid act.

April 1st seems a good day to launch Stupid Aid Day which has a serious message – we want people to fight back against stupidity wherever they come across it. We hope it will not be a losing battle.”

The Flexible Thinking Forum was established by Andy Green an expert on innovation skills and Brand PR consultant to promote better creative thinking skills in the community.


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