Strategic Management: the Creativity Paradox for PR

Thinking creatively helps you think different.

But do you need to think different on how you use creativity in your work? Or even about why and where you use creative thinking? How do we respond to an age where the rules are being redefined?

Most practitioners are guilty of resorting to what can be called ‘middleweight creativity’.

Future success is not based on ‘survival of the fittest’ but rather, ‘survival of the best fit’.

PR communicators need to re-think how they go about being creative, as well as what they are creative about. There is a growing importance of creative thinking at both a strategic level and with the explosion of activity at a micro-tactical level.

Communicators can capitalise on new understanding of how the brain works, thinks and produces creativity, combined with new opportunities in research and planning. By realising the creative potential of your information and insight to create or add to your brand stories, you can gain a disproportionate share of your culture.

Success, however, will only come if communicators both fully understand how the creative dimension operates, coupled with harnessing the revolution in new forms of data to create what can be called ‘new school PR’.

These issues are being explored in the ‘Creativity Paradox’, the latest in the Strategic Management Series organised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations taking place at 5pmon Tuesday February 28th. It features Andy Green FCIPR, a leading expert and author of ‘Creativity in Public Relations’.

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