How you can be creative and innovative on Nostalgia day

Today is national Nostalgia Day (Feb 15th) on the day thatBritain went decimal in 1971.

Use the occasion to encourage enjoyable, positive reminisces but also to be more creative by identifying if your world of today would be benefit from bringing, or restoring something back from your past.

Here are seven strategies to help you use Nostalgia Day to boost your innovation and creativity:

  1. Repeat – use again. Far too often you may get distracted by the lure of novelty. Creativity is defined as adding value; if what you have can continue to add value then keep it going.
  2. Use part of– ideas are made up of many different elements. They are a bit like a recipe for a dish served in a certain occasion. Can you use just part of it in a new context?
  3. Spice – just add some extra flavouring or herbs can add new dimension to a dish. Can the same be done to your new idea to tweak to give new flavour, added zest to an existing dish
  4. Add to today’s dish of the day. Can you combine what you have with something topical?
  5. Combine two old dishes. Can two or more things from the past be grouped together to give a new dimension, adding value to your new situations
  6. Borrow someone else’s model – look at other people’s ideas, ways of doing, Is there something there you can use, adapt or be inspired by?
  7. Retro appeal – where something which was out of fashion may now be in again, where the world has come back to you in some way.

All of have potentially fantastic archives of ideas, added-value solutions, offering a library of building blocks to help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Use Nostalgia Day as your prompt to make the past work for you.


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