Failure Week (Feb 6-11) – The 5 F words for you to be a great ‘Failure’

  1. Free thinking – yourDNA and dreams are unique. Make the most of them.
  2. Foresight – it was the Dutch philosopher Erasmus who pronounced that in the land of the blind ‘the one-eyed man was King’. Lift your snout out of the trough of today. Identify where you want to go – and where do you want to see your world go. You may even be able to see through two eyes!
  3. Fearlessness – your biggest asset in being creative is your AQ – your Adversity Quotient. It’s your rocket fuel to power you into the unknown, to take the first step and to keep going. You have been tough in the past, invoke that spirit for this week’s challenges.
  4. Fortitude – it’s a lonely place being different. I get a lot of inspiration from the Frank Zappa quote: “Just because several million people think you’re wrong, doesn’t mean they’re right.” The mark of a true champion is both their ability to pick themselves up when knocked down – repeatedly, and to remain staying outside in the cold.
  5. Flexibility – Sometimes being told you’re wrong, it might just be in this instance they are right, or more often, partly right.  You need to be flexible. Treat any rejection as a form of feedback. What can you learn? What do you need to do to do different? 

Use these ‘F’ words to enable you to fully realise the potential of ‘Failure Week’ (Feb 6th-11th)

Failure Week is being promoted by the Flexible Thinking Forum, a not-for-profit social enterprise which works to develop creative thinking skills in the community. Check out


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