Call the Midwife – 3 lessons for your creativity and innovation

The BBCTV series ‘Call the Midwife’ – set in theEast End of 1957 – pulls both massive viewing audiences but also provides valuable lessons for your creativity and innovation.

Admittedly, I have personal reasons in hoping the show gets a second series; I was born in Poplar in 1958 – so the young Andy Green may even get a cameo role!

Yet, what are the ingredients for the show success and your flexible thinking?

1. The story focuses on a group of people who battle against overwhelming odds and challenges to make a difference and do good by creating an oasis in a place of adversity and poverty.

The midwife team are held together by a compelling Brand Story: there is work to be done (God’s work for some of the team) and we make the best of things to help people make the best of their lives.

What Brand Story are you using in your work?

2. To ensure they deliver (pardon the pun) their Brand Story day-in, day-out, the midwives operate to a shared set of values

The programme has, in my view, done a wonderful job in spotlighting the mission and values of the NHS: free delivery of medical care based on need, not wealth.

The values are not about exploiting a situation for personal gain (or bonuses). Rather, the team works to values of professionalism without professional fees, caring for weaker members of the group, and taking responsibility to deliver the mission.

What are your group values for your work? Are they supportive of your challenge? Do you need new ones or to re-prioritise? Are they really values – i.e. you deliver them, or are they just empty platitudes of Goupthink?

3. The team at Nonnatus House, a nursing convent, are actually a combination of nuns who have taken the vows and young professionals

With the support of their compelling Brand Story and values they operate side-by-side in delivering their customer mission.

What different combinations of resources can you employ to deliver a winning success?

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