21 positive ‘F’ words for giving praise to ‘Failure’ during ‘Failure Week’

1. Fantastic

2. Forward-thinking

3. Formidable

4. Foresight

5. Foremost

6. Float (as in ‘it floats my boat’)

7. Flamboyant

8. First

9. Fidelity

10. Fertile

11. Fine

12. Festive

13. Fit

14. Flexible

15. Fizzes

16. Fresh

17. Futuristic

18. Fabulous

19. Felicitous

20. Fabled

21. Flippin’ good (OK, I struggled on the last one – but was determined not to fail on this occasion during Failure Week!) 

Use these ‘F’ words to enable you to exercise Feedback, Fellowship and Forgiveness to fully realise the potential of others during ‘Failure Week’ (Feb 6th-11th).

Failure Week is being promoted by the Flexible Thinking Forum, a not-for-profit social enterprise which works to develop creative thinking skills in the community. Check out www.flexiblethinkingforum.org.uk

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