What’s going to be your 70:30:10 of how you do things in 2012?

At last the magic ingredient of Coca Cola’s success is now being shared.

No, I am not talking about the tightly-guarded ingredients of its flavoured water.

Rather, how it allocates its precious resources for brand communications to ensure its future success by ‘gaining a disproportionate share of popular culture’. (Isn’t this what you are about: aiming to gain a disproportionate share of your stakeholders’ culture?)

For several years now, when facilitating Brand Communications Reviews or Strategic Awaydays I had been advocating an 80:20 formula – 80% of the things you do, you play safe, tried and tested; 20% you go for innovation, try new things, play, experiment, and engage more with risk.

By using this recipe, I believe you can get the best balance between safety/change and risk.  

Coca Cola in its major strategic review Coca Cola 2020 goes even further. It uses a 70:20:10ratio.

70% of activity is Low Risk, bread and butter stuff;

20% is Innovative on what works, tending to be activity engaging more deeply with  specific audience (but still has broad scale)

10% is for the High Risk, potentially tomorrow’s 20 or 70% activity, where learning intent is declared upfront, and you are prepared to fail by celebrating both failure and success. 

Coca Cola is taking a lead in putting Brand Story at its heart of communications. Its video Content 2020 is both a masterpiece of production, and an essential must-see for any serious marketing communication professional.

Check out the video – it only lasts 7 minutes


Also, it is great to see the format used by the Royal Society for Arts in its Animate series being used as a model for spreading messages.

In the year ahead it’s going to be tough, But it’s not about the survival of the fittest, but rather the survival of the best fitting: who can best adapt to chnages, new demands, and capitalise on  available opportuntities. How are you going to devise your 70:30:10?

Here are some key strategic tools I will be harnessing in the brand workshops I will be running for clients during 2012:

1.  Be uncreative Part One:Do a faster/quicker/cheaper review of what you currently do.

2.  Be uncreative Part Two: Plan for 70 or 80% of your resources to be conservative, low risk, safe bet.

 3. Do a Traffic Light Analysisof your activity: what do you need to stop, what needs to continue and in what areas do you need to go ahead

4.  Do something awesomewith your 20 or 30%

5.  What would your role model do?

6. Do a pre-mortem. Imagine yourself in a year’s time looking back on the previous 12 months in a scenario where your plans created a disaster. Examine why it was a disaster. This is a great technique as it legitimizes doubt and gets you to challenge much-cherished activity.

7. Just do the right thing

If you are not planning a strategic review for 2012 – will you still be here next year?

Are you seeking a ‘disproportionate share of popular culture’ in your communications in 2012? (So long as long as its part of a coherent Brand and Brand Story strategy.)

What are you going to do different in 2012? How are you going to be best fitting to your new world?

I have available during the next three months a limited number of  half, 1 and 2 day workshop sessions , where I work with the best experts of your reality – you and your team – to devise new strategies, do faster/cheaper/better analysis, improve creative thinking skills to identify/nurture new opportunities and ways of doing.

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