Using what’s driven 10,000 years of history in your next communication

If you could unlock the keys to what drives change, what have been the motivators and determining factors that have created the world around us, just think how powerful this could be making your communications more effective.

What if you could use these keys of insight and wisdom to shape your messages?

Thus, I embarked on the task of gaining insight from the epic review of over 10,000 years plus of history by Ian Morris in his monumental historical research addressing the question in his book’s title: ‘Why the West Rules for Now’.

Despite all the complexities of historical detail, drama, and people combined with the inter-weaving of economic, social and climatic influences Ian Morris boils down the essential drivers for historical change into what he mischievously calls the ‘Morris Theorem’ which states:

“Change is caused by lazy, greedy, frightened people looking for more easier, more profitable, and safer ways to do things. And they rarely know what they are doing.”

So, there you have it. If you want your copy, your message to engage, motivate and trigger change you need to:

  • Identify what makes your reader lazy, greedy, or frightened.
  • You then need to identify how you can make things easier, more profitable or safer


And you need to be reassured that if the world is somehow ignoring your advice, pearls of wisdom, history shows that actually people don’t really know what they are doing.

For the next 10,000 years we may be smarter using these core motivators, but I suspect the Morris Theorem will hold good for whatever number of years we have left on this planet.

Now, how can I persuade you using laziness, greed or fright to attend one of the following training courses?

There are great, easy opportunities to catch me in action in London to transform your creative abilities, how you manage your brand story and your personal brandcasting – all will help make life easier, richer, and less fearful for you!

For the Chartered Institute of Public Relations I am offering:

Creative Writing course on Wednesday February 1st – to transform your ability to create messages which get noticed and achieve change.

Creativity in PR on Wednesday February 22nd offers the best introduction to how to transform your innovation and creativity skills to transform your thinking to achieve more with less.

Word of Mouth, viral and memes on Wednesday March 28th will enable to great ideas and messages that can spread your story harnessing networks and unpaid sales ambassadors – your fans, customers and networks

Managing Creative PR teams on Thursday March 29th covers how you can get the best out of your team to exceed performance

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For the Public Relations Consultants Association I am offering two new courses:

Brand Story – on Wednesday February 8th shares how to create a powerful, compelling Brand story – the heart and soul of your organization, its brand and its messages, 

Personal Brandcastingon Thursday February 9th illuminates how to manage your personal brand, and the personal brands of your clients, and your clients’ brands

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