Today is ‘Blue Monday’ – transform the symbolic most depressing day of the year

Today is ‘Blue Monday – symbolically the most depressing day of the year.

What is depressing is the failure by some to recognise that Blue Monday is just symbolically the most depressing day of the year.

Yes, it was triggered into action by a PR story with a formula devised by psychologist Cliff Arnall.

Yet, I would suggest the survival of the Blue Monday meme – it comes round every year with the minimum of promotion is indicative of an underlying – as yet discovered or documented by data – truth , that modern-day life does have its dip in feeling positive at the back end of January.

Check out (which is a completely non-commercial site run by me) for more on this idea.

On a positive, constructive note why not use this opportunity to promote interest and discussion in subjects which usually struggle to get media space – depression, mental health and well-being.

I’m both celebrating Blue Monday and using it for social good. Wish others would do similar.

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