Open courses to boost your creativity and your brand story

There are great opportunities to catch me in action in Londonto transform your creative abilities or how you mange your brand story and personal brandcasting.

For the Chartered Institute of Public Relations I am offering:

Creative Writing course on Wednesday February 1st – to transform your ability to create messages which get noticed and achieve change.

Creativity in PR on Wednesday February 22nd offers the best introduction to how to transform your innovation and creativity skills to transform your thinking to achieve more with less.

Word of Mouth, viral and memes on Wednesday March 28th will enable to great ideas and messages that can spread your story harnessing networks and unpaid sales ambassadors – your fans, customers and networks

Managing Creative PR teams on Thursday March 29th covers how you can get the best out of your team to exceed performance 

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For the Public Relations Consultants Association I am offering two new courses:

Brand Story – on Wednesday February 8th shares how to create a powerful, compelling Brand story – the heart and soul of your organization, its brand and its messages,

Personal Brandcastingon Thursday February 9th illuminates how to manage your personal brand, and the personal brands of your clients, and your clients’ brands

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