No brainer great PR for anyone promoting mental health issues

With this year’s Blue Monday due on Monday January 16th this is a great opportunity for anyone with an interest in mental health issues to gain valuable media coverage and even fund-raising opportunities.

Here’s a great example from the Edinburgh Evening News on getting extensive coverage – linking the forthcoming Blue Monday with the issue of seasonal depression and the work of the Samaritans.

The reason why it is a great opportunity is that we are faced with a meme – a self-replicating idea where astute communicators can harness and ride to promote their particular story.

Blue Monday has entered the infosphere as the symbolic ‘most depressing day’. It is there whether you like it or not.

It provides an opportunity where the media can either come to you, or be more receptive to re-visiting your on-going story as it has a topicality with the arrival of the meme. (Imagine it is a bit like Haley’s Comet, arriving on the scene, generating immediate interest in what it is, represents and how it engages with people.)

Rule #1 for any Press Office should be to respond quickly and effectively to any media enquiries from journalists. 

Rule #2 for any Press Office should be identify any topicality – events, anniversaries and memes – which you can peg your story onto to gain coverage, interest and engagement.

So, if you work in promoting better understanding of mental health issues get cracking – Blue Monday is only five days away!

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