New Business leadership initiative launched

Today, I will be launching a new initiative by WakefieldCollege to equip Yorkshire businesses and their managers with crucial skills to survive and thrive, at a lunchtime event on Thursday January 19th

I will be talking on ‘Essential Skills in Innovation & Creativity for Management’ – the seven things you and your business need to do differently to kick-start the bi-monthlly series of lunchtime events focussing on different areas of business expertise.

The masterclasses will feature a leading expert, accompanied by the opportunity for 1:1 mini consultations, networking – as well as a free lunch.

Due to international commitments, this is the first opportunity for two years that I have had the opportunity to talk to local businesses in Wakefield, where I aim to pass on tips on how businesses can be more innovative and find new ways of surviving and thriving in these difficult times.

Andy is also a partner with award-winning digital PR and marketing agency GREEN Communications and a director of the Wakefield Media Centre.

‘Essential Skills in Innovation & Creativity for Management’ will provide local business managers and executives with valuable tips and insights on how to transform their innovation and creative idea generating skills, opportunity spotting and the ability to make their ideas spread. All delivered in my trademark style of wit, engagement and insight.

Issues addressed will include does your business need to do things differently? Is it looking for new ideas, services, products or markets? Does it need to reduce costs, improve profits and somehow also improve customer service?

The session will cover how you can improve your own innovation skills, how to nurture the creative talents of your colleagues, cleaners and chairmen, along with quick, easy-to-methods to trigger outstanding new ideas.

The  Masterclass also offers 1:1 mini consultations to address any individual business challenges or problems.

“The old adage that there’s no such thing as a free lunch is being proved wrong by the Wakefield College Masterclass series with food for thought, inspiration and practical advice to help any manager improve their performance during 2012.” said Anne Cox ,Development and Partnership Advisor atWakefieldCollege

Admission is by ticket only which are free. Places are limited and can be booked at

Looking ahead Anne Cox said: “Make it a successful year for your business. You cannot succeed by keep doing the same things. The Masterclass series will equip you and your business with the effective skills, to survive and thrive.”



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