How are you telling your Brand Story?

I have been preaching the need for any organization and individual to have compelling brand stories at their heart.

The Coca Cola Content 2020 video, which announces their change of strategy and emphasis on Content Marketing is truly remarkable.

Using a medium pioneered by the Royal Society of Arts (of which I am a fellow) and illustrators Cognitive Media this is a wornderful story told through images, metaphoors, and coherent chunks.

Some may feel threatened by Coca Cola’s efforts to gain ‘a disproportionate share of popular culture’.

For my part I want to help good people, good businesses gain their disproportionate share – along with helping consumers be more savvy in dealing with this age of co-creation.

For me. it has regalvanised my efforts to get the world to tell their Brand Stories better. 2011 here I come!

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