What 5 books will you be enjoying this Twixtmas?

What 5 books have changed your life – or would you recommend to a friend to read during the Twixtmas break – the five days between the Christmas and New Year holidays?

Instead of buying Christmas gifts why not send someone you care for or respect a Twixtmas book – to enjoy over the Twixtmas break? 

Twixtmas is an ideal opportunity to indulge yourself. And get round to doing the things you put off with the excuse ‘I don’t have enough time’

The five days of Twixtmas represent an ideal time to create space for yourself, to savour what you like and to make your own world, and the wider world, a better place. make your own world, and the wider world better.

Here are five books recommended by Andy Green of the Flexible Thinking Forum to catch up on during the Twixtmas break:

1 ‘The Book of Gossage’ A professional hero of Andy Green, the great American copywriter, pioneer of ‘integrated campaigns’ and respected as ‘the Socrates of San Francisco’.
2 Daniel Kahneman ‘Thinking fast, and slow’ profound implications on how we think – and Andy is developing new insights on creativity.
3 ‘Last Tango in Aberystwyth’ by Malcolm Pryce.  A wonderfully surreal Pythonesque world somehow spanning and satirising the detective novel genre and Welsh culture.
4 Richard Wiseman ’59 Seconds’ – is a great introduction to understanding psychology and its implications for modern-day life.
5 ‘Visual meetings’ David Sibbet – a great read for anyone involved in helping or facilitating others to generate new ideas or the inspiring Dan Roam ‘Unfolding the Napkin’ are great reads of this year for anyone interested in developing their creativity and innovation skills.

What are your five favourite books? Share them at www.twixtmas.com and on Twitter at #twixtmas.


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