Overcome ‘I-Haven’t-got-time-itus’ during Twixtmas

We live in an age of time poverty – there is more and more to do in a finite space of time – which can leave you frustrated by putting off many good things that can actually enhance your life.

The five days of Twixtmas – between the Christmas and New Year holidays – is a period when many of us are time rich; we often complain of being fed up shopping or watching television.

Why not use the Twixtmas break to do the backlog of things you always promise to do but avoid doing because of ‘I-Haven’t-Got-Time-itus’.

Many art galleries, museums, sports and leisure centres are open – why not pay the visit you keep promising yourself.

And the great outdoors is always open.

There is so much you can do – and there are five days of Twixtmas, when we are time rich, to do them in.

So, do the Twixtmas five steps:

  1. Identify the things you always put off doing with the excuse ‘I-Haven’t-Got-Time’
  2. Think about why you like to do these things and the pleasures or benefits they bring you.
  3. Identify what first steps you need to take to make it happen
  4. Tell others what you are going to do.
  5. Take action – and do it. Enjoy the sense of unburdening yourself, and take pride in actually making the talk happen.

Have a great Twixtmas – and visit www.twixtmas.com for more great inspiration and help

Twixtmas is a completely non-commercial venture: it’s being done because it seems a good idea.

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