News of the World now a victim of ‘truthiness’

The latest twist in the Leveson Inquiry was the ‘fact’ that Milly Dowler’s voicemail messages were “most likely” deleted automatically, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The Inquiry was told it has no evidence of journalists deleting messages on the murdered schoolgirl’s phone.

Yet, this comes too late for the beleaguered ‘News of the World’.

Because the reality of ‘truthiness’ is that people won’t care if the scientific objective truth is that journalists were not responsible for this act.

The truthiness is people will go on believing the ‘nasty journalists did a foul deed, and crossed the line in responsible standards – and were responsible for deleting the messages.

There is a delicious irony in how the News of the World – and other tabloids are now victims of ‘truthiness’

A major philosophical concept, well at least a label, was not created by a philosopher – but by a comedian. During an episode of the political satire show ‘The Colbert Report’ comedian Stephen Colbert coined the word ‘truthiness’. It means in essence: ‘the quality of stating concepts one wishes or believes to be true, rather than the facts.’

Our reality is that we all see the world through ‘truthiness glasses’.

We all cultivate positive illusions about ourselves to boost or protect our self esteem, make ourselves happier, and to cope with difficult challenges.

Our brain’s reticular activating system filters how we see the world, filtering incoming data according to what you want to see. We prime ourselves to notice certain things; implicitly we do not see other things.

On the one hand truthiness is what some people want to exist.

Many people seemingly, want a world where their preconceptions and fears about irresponsible journalists and media are upheld.

So, for the News of the World, its truth, grounded in objective reality, will get deleted in the recorded messages of most people’s perceptions

And that’s the truthiness of it.

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