Be a Twixtmas masterchef -make the most of your festive leftovers

Make the most of your festive leftovers this Twixtmas

Spend more time changing your world for the better this Twixtmas by keeping your time in the kitchen to a minimum.

Do you feel that your festive season consists of worrying about ‘feeding the five thousand’ as well as numerous trips to your local supermarket to get more ingredients?

Put an end to all that with a range of recipes that are entirely made up of luscious leftovers from the festive feast.

Twixtmas is all about taking time out to do something for yourself or others during the five days between Christmas and New Year, December 27-31.

Twixtmas campaignerAndy Green suggests theTurkey leftovers offer the perfect excuse to do five good deeds in the kitchen this Twixtmas.

Day one  Have a go at cooking something you wouldn’t normally attempt, be adventurous in the Kitchen.

Day two Cut down on the kitchen waste and reuse some of the Christmas dinner leftovers.

Day three Encourage someone who wouldn’t normally be found in the kitchen to pull on an apron and have a go at cooking.

Day four Add some festive ‘zing’ to one of your favourite dishes –maybe a drop of sherry or a twist of orange.

Day five Write down three cookery skills you would like to master during the year ahead.

Twixtmas masterchef Andy Green has three recipes to try with the festive leftovers this year:

Simple yet scrumptious is the hot turkey sandwich. This mouth-watering recipe is the perfect way to finish off that left over turkey and gravy. Simply heat gravy in a saucepan, arrange 2 slices of lightly buttered bread and top with turkey. Drizzle with hot gravy and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Serve with leftover cranberry sauce or for something a little different, add some mandarin slices.

Saintly yet delicious is the warm turkey salad, angelic in the calorie count whilst not affecting the succulent taste. This recipe is perfect for the healthy eaters this holiday period. Combine turkey with French dressing. Fold in a drizzle of sherry, mayonnaise, lemon juice and onion and place on to crispy lettuce. Top with bacon for a flavoursome finish.

Bubble and Squeak is back! This is the perfect winter warmer for all vegetarians out there and for the people that simply just love vegetables. Fry butter and chopped onion in a pan, increase heat and add mashed potato and vegetables. Stir for ten minutes, once fully reheated press the potato mixture to the base of the pan. Cook for one minute, flip over and repeat. Finish with a twist of fresh orange juice and serve with a warmed baguette and leftover cranberry sauce for a hearty finish to your winter warmer.

Commenting on the new Twixtmas festive recipes,Andy Green said: “All these recipes take under ten minutes to prepare and have been designed to contain the left over food from your Christmas dinner, with the aim that the time saved in the kitchen over Twixtmas will be spent on yourself and changing your world for the better whilst completing your five Twixtmas good deeds.”

The campaign web site offers practical advice and inspiration to encourage everyone to make the most of this under-usedperiod of time. The site also provides a free facility for sending a Twixtmas e-greeting card, and you can also download a Twixtmas pledge form.


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