6 new memes following the film ‘Contagion’ – pass it on

Just seen the new blockbuster ‘Contagion . It depicts a world facing the much anticipated killer virus which raised two thoughts.

Firstly, it resurrected the idea I had a for a major national celebration, or thanksgiving, that the recent reality of the swine flu epidemic was nowhere near as deadly as first feared – with a predicted 60,000 casualties – possibly including you or me – who are thankfully still alive.

At the height of the recession and downturn I highlighted that while the economy may be bad – the woes are still slighter compared to the ravages of a deadly virus – and a good excuse for a party of some sort.

Secondly, the film prompted me to think of what new memes will we be witnessing in a world increasingly ‘contagion’ conscious: a future more paranoid about catching germs.

Ideas are like viruses; which new ones will be created and spread?

Here are six suggestions.

1. First meme to go may be the old-fashioned hand shake. Believed to have originated as a symbolic gesture to denote you were not carrying a weapon, the open palm could one day be a deadly weapon for passing on viruses.

2. Could we witness the emergence of an alternative gesture? Something like the forearm squeeze: you want to greet someone you reach to a midpoint of the forearm and affectionately squeeze: creating connection, touch, and empathy – along with being germ free.

3. Will the sight of people with a cold wearing surgical masks be a common scene here – rather like is more common practice inJapan. (The science fiction writer William Gibson wrote that ‘the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed’- so one way of spotting future trends is to identify different practise in other parts of the world.)

4. Will we see the demise of the door handle – replaced by the ‘footle’,‘elbowle’or ‘kneele – new mechanisms to open and close doors using the foot, elbow, or knee – any respectable part of the body, instead of the hand?

5. Will we also wave farewell to the High 5’ to be replaced by other gestures? For some reason the goal celebration of West Ham captain Kevin Nolan – a ‘funky chicken’ dance comes to mind.

6. I’m scratching my head – I think that may still be socially acceptable – but I cannot think of a word in the English language which describes ‘a man who does not wash his hands after using the toilet’. (And ladies, from my informal survey of men’s rooms I reckon only one in three men do wash their hands. Yes, one in three! Myself, obviously being one of the ones.)

Many adjectives may come to mind but at present it seems our language has a vacancy to do a job of describing such an inadequacy – a misdemeanour of social etiquette likely to grow in significance in the ‘Contagion’ world of the future.

A possible label such as ‘smeghands’ comes to mind, (don’t ask me why…) but I am sure a new meme will stridently castigate those two out of three males.

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