Discovering one’s inner eye

Mars – or the inner eye of Andy

I often allude to each of us having an ‘inner eye’ – an ability to observe our reality in a much deeper way to spot opportunities, detect undercurrents, and see the bigger picture.
Well the photos here are not of a faraway planet, but literally of the author’s inner eye – or eyes.
The amazing photos were taken as part of a routine check up at my local opticians (Aburthnots of Barry – who offer a  fantastic  service – and were  actually the pioneers of this service in the UK).
So, I would suggest that each of us do have an inner eye – that can be like a faraway planet, or literally within you.
And also how the most fantastic innovatory things can be often be close at hand.
In my innovation and creativity training classes I always use the quote (usually attributed to William Gibson, but also possibly inspired by Neal Stephenson) that “The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” To which I would add  “…..but check out your neighbourhood first, before jetting to faraway galaxies. It’s a lot eaier and far less distance to travel!” 

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