Are we letting people – and our Airports – urinate on us?

Are we letting people 'water' down our backs?

As a society, have we lost our ability to be outraged – and react and respond to when we are being taken advantage of?

One of my favourite film scenes is from the Clint Eastwood cowboy epic ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’ where the wizened old Indian chief tells his tormentor: “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”

I was driven to my mini rage about the lack of rage when hearing on BBC Radio Leeds today the stories abut LeedsBradford Airport and the reaction to its ‘improved range of customer services’, such as charging people £2 just to drop off passengers.

As a result it has led to traffic chaos around the airport.

The local MP was quite seemingly matter-of-fact about it.

No one it seems is outraged.

Yet, what LeedsBardford – and my other local airport,Cardiff, are doing is outrageous.

They are taking advantage of a monopoly situation, and exploiting their position to exploit.

Their actions are not right, reasonable nor respectful; they are urinating over the community, with the gall to say it’s not just raining, but it is a ‘new-improved watering facility.’ (I created a new category of stupidity, ‘6 Star Stupidity’ – cases of what I call ‘Überspin’ – where someone does something stupid and then thinks others are stupid enough to believe them – which I awarded to Cardiff Airport.)

The danger is, when you let emotions pent up, they then only build-up and get released through an explosion – witness the riots this summer in some English cities.

Is it just me, or is our society guilty of not being responsive to corporate greed and abuse?

Or do we let them continue to pour their new improved watering facilities down our backs?


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