Final quarter of 2011: Last chance to plan your Goals for the year

We are now entering the final quarter of 2011.

You now urgently need to take stock of your plans – and critically, how you can make the most of the remaining three months to ensure 2011 is a great year in your life.

Use these great innovation and creativity tools – to ensure you make the most of your situation, talents and opportunities.

Follow these 8 steps to transform the rest of your year.

If I can help transform the remainder of 2011, just think what I can do to help your work, next campaign, or boost your innovation and creativity skills.

1. Your 10 Goals for 2011 Ideally, at the beginning of the year you should have drawn up your 10 Goals for 2011. How far have you got? How many can you tick off, or re-prioritize? What Goals remain incomplete or not even started?

If you didn’t do your 10 Goals for 2011 at the beginning of the year – then do so now. Write down the 10 things you would like to achieve.

Where are now, and where do you want to be at the end of 2011? How is you desired future different to your present?

2. Mindmap your 10 Goals This is a great tool to visualize your future and also can identify that some goals may actually be inter-linked, inter-twined in some way.

3. Celebrate your success so far It is easy to beat yourself up, self-condemning any apparent failure in not achieving any targets you have set.

Instead, why not celebrate what you have done? Highlight your successes, no matter how partially complete, or short of your original goal. Celebrate to boost your energy, raise your spirits and use your positive successes as stepping stones for your new tasks for the remainder of the year.

4. Traffic light analysis For the rest of the year: What do you need to stop doing? – your Red light. What things do you need to keep doing? – your Amber light. What new things do you need to do? – your Green light.

5. Identify 3×3 things Prioritise your top 3 things in each part of your traffic light analysis – your Action Areas.

6. Identify 5 ‘Squeezesteps’ For each of your Action Areas identify 5 Squeezesteps you need to take.

A ‘Squeezestep’ is breaking down the actions you need to take into further baby steps. Identify the 5 babysteps needed to take from where you are now to where you want to be: importantly, the first two steps you should have already done.

Identifying steps already taken establishes a platform for your next steps, creating a sense of momentum to take you forward.

7. Make yourself accountable in some way for your plan Who can you tell about your plans for the next three months? It can be someone real – a friend, colleague or member of your family, or even someone imaginary – a role model who you greatly respect and would not want to let down. As long as it somebody or thing that makes you feel pain if you feel you have not proved yourself to them.

8. Act now! Take you Squeezesteps Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.! (These are not my words, but I am sure Goethe would again not mind my sharing them with you.)


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