Sooty and how I nearly got in the news about his puppet government

A hand in government?

With Sooty making the news this week on his alleged assault of magician Paul Daniels (yes, it’s silly season time) reminded me of my near media encounter the children’s glove puppet character.

I was actively involved in the campaign for an elected regional assembly inYorkshire. There were plans for a regional referendum and both sides of the debate actively sought-out celebrity supporters.

I knew at first hand that the ‘Yes’ campaign had struggled, but only afterwards did I discover from the opposition that they had even more difficulty.

Sharing our respective experiences after the non-campaign with the delightful John Watson who headed up the ‘No’ group – the government at the time disgracefully pulled the plug on the referendum talking place inYorkshireand the North-West – we compared celebrity support.

Their league of celebrity super-heroes consisted of just two: legendaryYorkshireandEnglandcricketer Freddie Trueman, and er, um… Sooty. 

I was initially puzzled how a glove character, particularly a children’s television personality (and a verbally challenged one at that) could take to the political forum and have a viewpoint about the various merits of different forms of administration or government, but I was assured by John that it was indeed true.

I then reflected what a shame the campaign never did happen; it precluded my offering a media response: “It doesn’t surprise me that Sooty has come out against a regional elected body, as he no doubt would prefer a puppet government.”

Maybe it’s just as well the campaign never happened….

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