Seagulls miss creative Golden Swan opportunity

Photo: Metro newspaper

Sometimes a great idea or opportunity can be quite spontaneous. The trick is to both spot and be prepared to run with them.

A great example is the story yesterday of the mischievous seat installers at the unveiled Falmer Stadium – the new home for Brighton and Hove Albion. They had placed extra white seats beneath the silhouhette image of the club’s mascot, a seagull, to create the impression of the bird leaving a deposit.

The story did make a good splash of another kind, with widespread media coverage.

Yet, the prank is short-lived and the ‘white poo seats’ are no more.

Which is a shame, as they could have become a club legend: fans would talk about the whites seats. It would become an unofficial form of status to say: “I sat in the bird poo seat.”

A great talking point, a creative brand statement was not seized upon. So it now joins the ranks of missed opportunities.

In my last book ‘TheUpturn’ I talk of ‘Golden Swan’ opportunities – where they come unannounced, uninvited and catch you unprepared.

The lesson I share in my innovation and creativity classes is to spot them, take massive action – or just say ‘Yes’ to them, and seize the unexpected chance.

Sadly, Brighton have now scored a creative own goal by having the extra seats removed.

Let’s hope they repeat that on the pitch when they play my beloved West Ham this season!

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