Murdoch’s sticky situation

Rupert Murdoch’s responses to the parliamentary committee of inquiry of not knowing about details of alleged phone hacking brings to mind a story once told by Sir Martin Sorrell, the group chief executive of WPP.

Sir Martin was leading a pitch for a major advertising campaign for part of Murdoch’s empire. Murdoch interrupted the presentation and flummoxed Sorrell with a question.

Was the media mogul’s query about the overall strategy or direction, or the proposed creative treatment?


Sorrell had made passing reference to posters as part of the campaign’s media mix. Murdoch’s question was quite specific: how are the posters stuck to the poster sites?

Even Sorrell’s mighty grasp of his subject didn’t quite reach to what sort of adhesive process was used.

The story just somehow came to mind following the responses given to the Inquiry.

We face many more weeks of further revelations. I just wonder if the charges of Murdoch knowing about the phone hacking will somehow stick?

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