Witness to a revolution in PR and communications

I had to stand in at the last minute to host an award ceremony – the Fresh Awards in Manchester last night.

There was some excellent work in public relations and marketing being recognised. (And I’m sure the organisers will also take on board any lessons from any feedback on the night.)

The key insight I have gained from being involved with the Fresh Awards as a judge over the last three years is the profound revolution the public relations profession is going through: three years ago most of the campaigns entered were primarily media relations-based and possibly at the margins, included a minor piece of social media activity.

Now, all the award-winning work had digital and social media at its heart.

I just hope the PR industry recognises it has to change with the times, and follow the lead of the award-winning agencies. Otherwise, it faces being marginalised, being relegated down the food chain, acting as just the wordsmiths for digital agencies.

The other lesson from the evening was to say ‘Yes’ and also always help a friend in need. 

I would like to thanks the many kind people who come up to me after the ceremony who said such nice things about my stand-in performance. And my thoughts are with Mark Borkowski who sadly had to stand down as host due to a family bereavement.

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