5 things to do on St. David’s Day – pass it on

Appeared on BBC Radio Wales today to highlight my call for everyone to celebrate today’s St. David’s Day with a ‘cwtch’. (For the uninitiated, St. David is the patron saint of Wales and today is an opportunity to celebrate all things Welsh.) 

I argue that the Wales and St. David’s day brands suffers from a lack of ‘sticky’ icons and word of mouth friendly messages and actions.

What do you do if you are Welsh, or live in Wales or have Welsh friends and relatives (I have two our of three: living on beautiful Barry Island and married to a Welshwoman) and you want to celebrate your pride or commemorate the Welsh identity in some way.

St. Patrick’s Day has its meme-friendly drink culture (also promoted by a major drinks manufacturer). Yet, what are the easy-to-do, ‘sticky’ messages and actions which could be used to promote St. David’s Day?

Here are my 5 suggestions for St. David’s Day memes – pass them on! :

1. Give a ‘cwtch’ (see Post below)

2. Eat or wear something Welsh. (It could even be a cheese on toast ‘Welsh rarebit’)

3. Use a spice of Welsh in your communications, such as a Welsh greeting such as ‘diolch’fawr’ when talking to anyone or signing off any letter/e mail.

4. Sing something Welsh: If the national anthem ‘Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ is beyond you try instead the more linguistically easy (to the English speaker) ‘It’s Not Unusual’ or any Stereophonics song.

5. Create your own ‘Funky Dragon’ – either take part in a public parade or create a drawing of your own dragon, with it’s own personality.

Do enjoy your St. David’s Day – ‘diolch’fawr’

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