The power of Self-vertising. A time to Self-vertise

Why have we needed a recession and an economic downturn to get people to do things they should be doing anyway?

The thought hit me while taking part in an online debate.

Perhaps, as my number one value is that I hate waste, I am inclined to immediately identify the no cost or least cost option as being attractive.

I live part of my life in Yorkshire, and indeed am an official Honorary Yorkshireman. (You may be familiar with the definition of a Yorkshireman: they’re a Scotsman with the generosity removed.)

So, I don’t like wasting money – and always have treated my clients’ monies as my own.

When it comes to communicating, whether pre or post recession, the obvious key channels are the ones you have anyway.

In my book ‘Effective Personal Communications’ I coined the term ‘Personal Brandcasting’ and how each of can unleash a tidal wave of communications by managing your brand, how you communicate your brand through your actions, your word-of-mouth and your networks.

Self-vertising embraces ‘Personal Brandcasting’ but goes beyond. It really is about whatever channels you have under your control through which you can reach people.

Your inventory could include your buildings, vehicles, clothes, e mail signatures, post frank, and the scope for many creative outlets.

I tell the story on my creativity courses how I won a student union election, where I was one of six candidates and everyone was leaving their manifestos in the student canteens where they were being ignored.

I asked myself a beautiful question of: ‘How do I get people’s undivided attention for 2-3 minutes to read my manifesto?

I won the election.

Possibly, because I was the only candidate to put my manifesto on the back of toilet doors. And my girlfriend, and now my lovely wife, Judith, helped me get the women’s vote.

So what Self-vertising channels are you using – or missing out on?

Does it need an economic recession and downturn, or an honorary Yorkshireman to have to get you to do what you should be doing anyway in getting your message across?

Is this not a form of a Self-vertisement you are reading? Is it not proof of the power of Self-vertising?

Do you know of any other good examples of Self-vertising?

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