PR Week highlights call for ‘New School PR’


The need for the PR industry to undergo both a revolution and an evolution is highlighted in this week’s ‘PR Week’ (Feb 18), which used my letter calling for a ‘New School PR’

Full version of letter below: 

Dear Editor

Your feature (PR Week Feb 4 2011) on the question ‘who owns social media?’ is highly welcome but addresses just one part of a changing landscape for PR people.

We are witnessing both a revolution in new opportunities in technology and an urgent need to do things different as a result of the downturn, combined with an evolution in changing the way we do things.

As a result there needs to be an intelligent re-bundling of what constitutes ‘PR’ and its relationship with other communications disciplines.

The question is not ‘who owns social media’ but recognition that we need a ‘new school PR’ as opposed to the old school model, dominated by media relations to an increasingly marginalized channel of communications.

The debate needs to extend to who owns the Brand story and the ‘Self-vertising’ channels, who manages the Googlejuice-based knowledge systems, along with the changing dynamic from Pull to Push relationships which are with ‘networks’ not ‘publics’.

If our industry fails to change there is a danger that many could become at best marginalised wordsmiths, or at worst dinosaurs doomed to extinction. Pass it on.

Andy Green

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