A great Valentine’s promotion idea you can use

Here is a great example of excellent promotional activity – and an ideal one to share and practice on Valentine’s Day.

I was taken last weekend by my good friend Geoff Roberts to the Magic Millennium event in Cardiff – essentially a showcase for, and a kick start to the new Rugby SuperLeague season.

Now, in spite of living 30 plus years in Yorkshire I was not a Rugby League fan but went along as part of my philosophy of being open to trying new and different things.

A couple of lessons and ideas to share:

What ways can you re-bundle and create a compelling offer for your product and services?

In the same way as the Rugby SuperLeague, instead of just having the season kick off with a series of fixtures, all the games were played over two days in the Millennium Stadium Cardiff. It created a great showcase, a preview of what to expect and, as well as opportunities for extra buzz and excitement.

How can you create more compelling opportunities to create a buzz and interest in what you do?

In addition I witnessed a great promotional campaign by the tourist promotion people at Visit Wales.

With 30,000 plus visitors to Cardiff – mainly from the North of England, the Tourist board rightly recognised an opportunity. But instead of giving out what you would expect – promotional leaflets – they promoted a message of giving a ‘Cwtch’.

Now, being married to a Welsh woman I can vouch for the wondrous splendours of a Welsh ‘cwtch’. It is essentially an affectionate cuddle or hug.

So, promotional staff at the Millennium Magic were giving out ‘cwtches’ (Is that the right pural?) to visiting fans – done in a respectful, family-friendly way along with a promotional badge to celebrate their cwtch moment.

This was a great example of what can be labelled ‘experiential marketing’ – you give people a deeper connection through helping potential consumers encounter your brand in a deeper way though an enhanced brand experience.

As a result, visiting fans who have had a cwtch can take with them the fundamental message that Wales is a friendly place to visit, rather than be given a leaflet with lots of facts which will probably be binned within seconds of receiving anyway.

A couple of further ideas I would have suggested to Visit Wales would be a discrete web address on the badge, and maybe a follow-up PR and viral social media campaign about ‘Which famous Welsh person would you like to have a cwtch with?’ Apart from Mrs. Green, my vote would probably go to Angharad Rees or Catherine Zeta Jones.  

Actually, you could give a cwtch to some one today.

Who would you like to give a ‘cwtch’ to?

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