This year is so bad – we have 2 Blue Mondays!

What an amazing amount of media coverage, blogging, Twitter trend activity and charity fund-raising activity there has been for Blue Monday.

The good news about the so-called bad news day is that there is another one to come!

The forthcoming Monday on January 24th is now likely to be dubbed the Bluest Monday yet.

The beat Blue Monday campaign is encouraging people to be positive about enjoying Blue Monday and help support mental health charities both today, January 17th and the 24th – the Bluest Monday.

The precise date for Blue Monday has been guided by a formula devised by psychologist Cliff Arnall.

The date is typically either the third Monday in January the 17th – or the last Monday where there is a full week after in January – in 2011 falling on Monday the 24th.

The timing is determined by factors such as the January pay check not arriving, length of time since resolutions made, and the winter weather.

This year many people have celebrated Blue Monday on the 17th – but the factors creating a sense of depression will still be evident – if not more so for the 24th, which has the ingredients, particularly with personal bank balances likely to be even lower, of making next week the 24th, the Bluest Monday.

You could say that 2011 is so bad that it is has two ‘Blue Mondays’!  Whether it is today, January 17th or Monday January 24th, Blue Monday is the product of a umber of factors acutely pressing at this time of the year – and we want to transform how people respond to this time of year by making themselves more positive and also to think of others.

Do you bit to transform Blue Monday – whether it is January 17th or the Bluest Monday on January 24th.

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