Thank you for a magnificent Twixtmas 2010

With a new year now underway it is time to reflect and look back on a magnificent Twixtmas 2010 – and look forward to 2011.

So many good things emerged and positive actions made the whole effort so worthwhile 

Sure, we all still have a long way to go before Twixtmas is firmly established in people’s psyche as ‘5 days to do 5 good things to make the world a better place’ but the journey of a thousand miles…

Highlights for me were:

  • The warm, positive feedback and thanks from strangers from all parts of the world
  • Ideas being developed and making a difference in some way. (The exercise of encouraging people to write to someone they care about created some inspirational material – check out the example by Geoff Roberts on the Twixtmas web site day 3.)
  • Individuals doing their bit to help promote the Twixtmas message, from David Taylor, the Naked Leader and Bernard Savage who promoted the Twixtmas message in their newsletters, Powys Council for promoting the message to their staff, the Automobile Association for their Twixtmas car care programme, Val McKie for being the ‘Twixtmas fairy, and the Royal Society for Arts (even though they got my name wrong!) and Piotr Brzezinski at the Big Society Network.
  • Initiatives such as the ‘5 day binge happiness’ programme.

Already bursting with ideas for Twixtmas 2011 which include:

  • Recruit more Twixtmas ambassadors – no world movement was created by one person
  • A Twixtmas book – similar to the ‘Change the world for a fiver’book
  • A Twixtmas work out training event for November/December 
  • Identify any ‘nudge’ activities – the sort of things that can be easily undertaken – and engage networks to promote these nudge activities.

The sort of things in mind here are:

  • Ramblers Association – to promote people to take walks
  • Blood transfusion service – encourage people to give blood during the Twixtmas break
  • Leisure centres – to promote Twixtmas healthy activities
  • The National Trust/museums across the land  – to encourage visitors during the Twixtmas break
  • Environmental groups – to do Twixtmas time activities
  • Restaurants – to offer Twixtmas break lunches
  •  More hotels offering Twixtmas breaks 
  • Social networks such as the Big Society Network to recognise the value and potential of Twixtmas for getting people to do to change their world for the good.

Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who made Twixtmas 2010 possible, particularly the teams at GREEN communications and Working Word communications, ace web developer Mohammed Omar and on-line guru Dave Rattray and anyone else who I may have inadvertently omitted to mention.

What are your ideas for Twixtmas 2011?

What sort of things could we be doing?

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