Twixtmas Day 4 – your chance to help the planet

Can you make where you live better in some little way?

What is your favourite place? 

Where on this planet would you like to go?

Day 4 of Twixtmas is about helping your planet in some way. 

It can be as little as picking up a piece of litter or checking out the many conservation-minded activities you can do from the help from home web site.

Or it might be something bigger. How about committing to a new habit – like using less, re-using and recycling more in the year ahead?

Or it could be connecting with others more. What about doing something at your workplace or in your community, or joining an environmental or conservation group.

If you are doing your ‘5 day Twixtmas Happiness Work-out’ on Day 4 make a list of your favourite places you have visited, or places you would like to go. Really imagine you are there. By writing down it really makes the experience mentally alive for you. And makes you happier in the process.

The choice is yours.

The excuse of not having time to do any of these things is not valid during Twixtmas.

As one Twixtmas supporter Ernie Barr said: “My grandson sent me this notice of Twixtmas and I think it’s a great idea. I hope others get this and respond according to their sensitivities and eagerness to make this world a better place for all of us to live -goodness knows it’s the only world we’ve got!”

 More ideas at the Twixtmas web site

My favourite places include:

1. My home – for where my family is and our great fortune to have magnificent views across beautiful Barry Island.

2. Seatown, Dorset – the scene for family holidays with family and friends for over 15 years.

3. Upton Park – yes, I know I have to bring down the tone of things. The scene of many tribal gatherings, and witnessing the footballing greats including Bobby Moore.

4. Piazza della Rotonda – the square in front of the Pantheon in Rome. We like to go there every year. On our Silver Wedding anniversary we had a romantic candlelit dinner in the foreground of the magnificent Pantheon, ruined perhaps by my decision to buy a toy megaphone from a wandering trinket seller, and using it to announce: ‘I just want to say how much you mean to me.’ (I don’t think my lovely Judith was impressed!)

5. San Francisco – I just love wandering around a great, great city which oozes charm, chillness (and I’m not talking about the fog) and curiosity at every corner.

What’s your 5 favourite places?

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