Twixtmas – a warmly received idea

The idea of Twixtmas – to do 5 good things during the 5 days between Christmas and New Year – has received some lovely feedback via the campaign web site 

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch to share their Twixtmas messages including:

“My grandson sent me this notice of Twixtmas and I think it\’s a great idea. I hope others get this and respond according to their sensitivities and eagerness to make this world a better place for all of us to live–goodness knows it\’s the only world we\’ve got!” Ernest G Barr

“Love it! Congrats on a great idea – have passed it on to friends and looking forward to their feedback and involvement. Thank you.” Chris

“I love your Twixtmas idea. I\’ve been trying to get people connected for Christmas by thinking of others and when I found your website today it seems someone else was already doing it long before I started! Fortunately I found it just before the official start of \”twixtmas\”… so tomorrow I get to be selfish! Keep up the great work and keep me posted…” Helen Brown

“Hello, I really enjoyed reading about your site – I have only just heard about it and will endeavour to work throught the objectives this year.” Tobie

“what a good idea, will give it a go.” Catherine Tarrant

And there is another idea from Philip Connolly: “don\’t forget the great opportunity that is Feb 29th. A day when we come into work but don\’t get paid (annual salaries). So the spirit of Twixtmas could be continued/reviewed/developed on another day. From there it\’s but a short step to those \”I\’ve got to use up my holidays or the XXXXXXXs will just take them away from me- potentially a year round Twixtmas window.”

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