Day 5 of Twixtmas – and it’s a trip into your future

Would you go to a supermarket and never take a shopping list?

Yet, how many people are like that with their lives and what they plan to do?

With a new year approaching the fifth day of Twixtmas is an ideal opportunity to think ahead.

For some, they like to make detailed plans of what they intend to do in the next 12 months. For others, they may prefer to identify some targets, identify a couple of things that would be good to do during 2011.

A really good tool is to write down 10 Goals for 2011.

Goals in some ways are like resolutions – although it is recommended you make your Goals more specific. If you want to travel next year, rather than a Resolution might say ‘I am going to do more travelling in the year ahead’, a Goal could be ‘I am going to Spain at least once and will also visit part of Britain I haven’t been to before.’

By writing down your Goals it makes your future more tangible, creates a sense of commitment within you, and at least provides a ready checklist to revisit during the course of the year.

It is also quite fun.

One technique you can use is to go back to last year. Try and capture the memory, experience of how you felt, what it was like. Now use your imagination to think of 12 months time.

What sort of things do you feel you would have liked to achieve during the previous 12 months. What specific accomplishments, memories would you have like to have recorded in this period.

By doing this time travel exercise in your mind it frees up your thoughts from the immediate, helps you see the wood for the trees.

What are your ten Goals for 2011?

Is 2011 going to be a mediore year or a magnificent one? It’s your call.

As a result of doing the Goals exercise I identified 2 new business opportunities, a need to invest in a key area of relationships, and a special surprise for someone close to me.

What a dividend from seemingly a simple thing of writing your Goals down.

What’s going to be new with you?

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